Compagnie Royale des Chasseurs-Carabiniers de Thuin



  The company is managed by a committee comprising a president, vice-president, secretary, an assistant secretary, treasurer and six commissioners, three auditors.

  The commander, drum major, secretary, assistant secretary and treasurer are, by their functions, an ex officio member of the committee. Five members of the Company are elected at the general meeting and that all even years, for other members to serve on the committee.

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Staff and Managers


  The size of the company consists of carabiners in number only limited by the available equipment. But the clique, the number is limited to a maximum of 30 drums and 15 bugles.

  From canteen which employs limited to a maximum of 6 and vivandieres whose size is limited has a maximum of 14.


  The Company is commanded by a captain (the commander) and a Lieutenant (second in command), then platoons riflemen are commanded by a lieutenant and two Sub-Lieutenant. A Warrant (the master of arms) stands on the side of the platoons.

  A Sub-Lieutenant carry the flag.

  The subordinates are composed of a first sergeant major leader, a sergeant-major, four sergeants, four corporals and four former soldiers.

  The clique is controlled by the Drum Major, also a Second Lieutenant and a Warrant to act as liaison officer between the Drum Major, the clique, music and the commander.

  The subordinates of the clique is composed of drums for a sergeant-major, a sergeant, two corporals, the first drums; and the bugles of a sergeant-major, a sergeant, two corporals, first bugles.

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