Compagnie Royale des Chasseurs-Carabiniers de Thuin


Carabiniers 1848


The Royal Company of "Chasseurs Carabiniers de Thuin" is the oldest folk society in Thuin. It was founded on 1st March 1868 for the purpose of 'dedication and charity " as a result serious fire at Thuin, which caused the death of several people. It was created under the name of "Fire Fighter" Thuin Lower City and trained in the company of volunteer firefighters.

The company was in dress uniform, the uniform of the Belgian hunters riflemen 1848 and claiming its origins "hunters" came out with the sword, not the firefighter's ax.

The Company has always participated in the march St Roch Thuin and, until 1940 did his duty in case of fire or other disaster. The elders remember ringing bugle "fire" and gallops with the pump - in - arms driven by volunteers.

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The postwar period saw the city of Thuin equipped to fight fires and creating a municipal fire department. The purpose of the company volunteer firefighters have disappeared, the company devoted solely to Folklore.

In 1958, the company of hunters - firefighters, led by members dynamic, fully equipped himself nine. The uniform of the "Chasseurs - Carabiniers" was reproduced in every detail after numerous visits to Army Museum in Brussels.

The international exhibition in Brussels in 1958 saw the parade in the middle cheers of an admiring audience.

The centenary celebrations in 1968 saw a new effort of the company which was the purchase of rifle and then in 1969 she was fitted pants cloth called "Belgian Grey". Half - jet black cock feather, tunic spinach and daffodil "fourragére", the hunters - riflemen Thuin they look great and beautifully represent the national folklore.

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In May 1981, a large delegation of the Company participated in festivals of twinning and Thuin Torgnon to Val d'Aosta in Italy.

In September 1988, she participated in the International Folklore Festival Dijon before an appreciative audience.

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La compagnie


Currently, the Company, which has about 120 members, living intensely and continues to grow and further its participation in the march St Roch, it moves in the country and abroad winning everywhere deserved success.

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